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Membership Plans

Have you been following AR Leadership Partners for a while now and want to dive a little deeper?

Or maybe you just stumbled across us and like what you see so far. Well, there is plenty more where that came from!

Take a look at our different membership options that each include different tiers of access, materials, shoutouts, and more! Find which one best suits your needs and your desires for growth. Once you decide which plan is right for you, simply fill out the inquiry form below and Dr. Alan Rogers will contact you shortly to introduce himself and make sure the membership you chose is the perfect fit for you! We are so excited to have you as part of our ARLP team!

Interested in
Personal Coaching?

  • Advisory Team Membership

  • 50% Discount on ALL other Courses and Webinars

  • Foundations for Excellence in Service Leadership

  • Podcast, special report, leadership toolkit, and newsletter

  • 1 Free Publication of your choice per year

  • Panel member access to quarterly webinars

  • Occasional Shout-Outs on ARLP podcast & other Publications

  • Occasional ARLP “merch”

  • Hugs and handshakes when we see you in public

  • Weekly Updates

  • Annual gathering/convocation

  • How-to videos; webinar 

  • Quarterly course (1 webinar & accompanying user booklet)

  • 2 video mentoring sessions per month

  • 7 in-person sessions per year (Except July and December)

  • Direct phone calls/email/text daily as needed

  • One book/year (free to coaching client)

  • Special Report Per year (free to coaching clients)

Audience Clapping

Not quite sure which plan is right for you?

That's alright! We would love to give you the opportunity to start small with

our FREE Membership that cover the basics:

  • Monthly Newsletters

  • Podcast Access

  • Social Media Posts

  • Monthly Emails

Or you can contact Dr. Alan Rogers to discuss which membership is best for you!

Membership Inquiry Form

Inquire Now!

Please take a moment to fill out this form & Dr. Alan Rogers will

reach out to you shortly to see if ARLP memberships are right for you! 

*inquiring does not guarantee a membership with ARLP*

Select Which Membership You Are Interesed In..

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