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Principal Coaching & Mentoring for Success

Performance coaching for Principals is about supporting them to meet their objectives and aspirations. Mentoring for school-site leaders takes into account the wellness, development, and performance of the whole person. This level of support helps ensure great success with organizational objectives and also helps the leader unpack their potential for exponential growth and joy in their work.

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Service Overview

Principal Coaching and Mentoring for Success helps ensure the success of the school site principal and leadership team by providing an experienced, trusted, knowledgeable, and confidential facilitator and coach. In this role, Dr. Al Rogers will review, assess, and, when appropriate, will:
  • Provide strategic advice to increase student achievement, close achievement gaps and increase the graduation rate

  • Share technical expertise to implement strategies for sustainable school improvement

  • Provide direction on how to navigate the cultural, political, and relationship issues that may impact the achievement of the school’s agenda for positive student outcomes

  • Develop the internal capacity of the organization to address challenges

  • Help think through difficult issues and decisions, anticipate problem areas, and provide alternate strategies or perspectives on issues

  • Serve as a sounding board for new ideas, goal setting, and initiative development

  • Provide constructive feedback on the skills, behaviors, and actions of the principal and leadership team

  • Guide toward valuable resources

  • Serve as a wise and trusted confidante during stressful times

  • Help individuals see their current role in the context of their life and career

  • Work with the leadership team to help them develop and more effectively support the principal

  • Assist the leadership team in creating distributed and sustainable leadership


Dr. Al Rogers’ professional background includes:

  • Successful experience as a professor, consultant, superintendent, senior cabinet member, and principal in complex school systems of varying sizes, geography, and socioeconomic and demographic makeup

  • Business experience at a high level

  • Competence in and understanding of the varied responsibilities of the principalshiop, as expressed in a variety of leadership situations

  • Organizational savvy; ability to transfer experience across organizations

  • Ability to zero in on the vital elements of complex problems and summarize succinctly

  • Trustworthiness; ability to maintain commitments and confidentiality

  • Strong interpersonal skills, communications, and facilitation skills

  • Compassionate, empathetic, and frank


Dr. Al Rogers will:

  • Meet with the principal and leadership team members as agreed

  • Facilitate regular telephone and email consultations as needed

  • Assist in preparation for the principal’s evaluation process if requested

  • Advise as to the most effective and efficient structure of the leadership team

  • Facilitate a leadership team retreat for the principal, if requested

  • Meet with the principal or designee to customize the executive support and organizational development of the senior leadership team members to meet the specific needs of the school, potential topics include but are not limited to:

                      ~Implementing an aligned system: vision, mission, theory of action, policies, strategic plan, budget,                                          accountability, and high-quality teaching and learning

                      ~Creating the climate and culture, and putting in place systems, processes, and structures, to increase    

                         student achievement and to close gaps in student achievement

                      ~Implementing balanced accountability and support systems for teachers, staff, and students

                      ~Differentiated resource utilization, including people, time, technology, and dollars to support high-quality

                        instruction, interventions, and support

                      ~Effective teacher and classified staff supervision and support

                      ~Transformational main office support of teaching and learning

                      ~Developing successful team practices

                      ~Empowering coaching and mentoring for site administrators and teacher leaders


The Principal and leadership team will:

o Meet with Dr. Al Rogers as agreed.

o Take advantage of the experience and expertise of Al Rogers throughout the year via regular telephone, “zoom”, and

email interactions

o Schedule site leadership retreats, as may be needed. Al Rogers may be used as the facilitator for these retreats

o Consider using Dr. Al Rogers to facilitate the principal’s evaluation process at the end of the first year, if appropriate.

Clients & References

AR Leadership Partners’ clients include large and small school district leaders and numerous education related organizations.

Clientele of Al Rogers have included:

Bill and Melinda

Gates Foundation (WA)

The Sacramento County Office Of Education (CA)

The Yolo County Office of Education

Elverta Joint Elementary School District (CA)

Stockton Unified School District (CA)

Alpha Charter School (CA)

Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory

(AK, WA, OR, ID, MT)

Thomas Edison Charter Academy (CA)

HOPE Foundation (IN)

The Sunnyside Unified School District (AZ)

Air Tutors

Stanford University School Redesign Network (CA)

New Technology Foundation (CA)

Friendship Public Charter School (DC)

Larry Stupski
Foundation (CA)

Foundation (CA)

National College for School Leadership (UK)

Austin Independent School District (TX)

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